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An Insider’s View On Best Physical Therapy Brochures

Two types of PT brochures: One type gathers dust in your waiting room while the other makes the phone ring… Which one would you prefer?

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How To Build The Best PT Brochure

PT Brochures With Two Purposes

Underperforming […]

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Best SEO Strategy for Physical Therapists


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PTRM Websites For Physical Therapists – User Experience & SEO

If you want your clinic’s website to attract visitors, it needs only two things: A good user experience and site ranking for select keywords so searchers can find it.

A good user experience requires appealing content, responsive design, loading speed, and […]

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Physical Therapy Marketing Assessment


Physical Therapy Marketing Assessment Download Marketing Assessment

Physical Therapy Marketing Assessment: Click the download link above to get started with your Strategic Marketing Plan (SMP).

Download and use our physical therapy marketing assessment on your own, or send it to us and get a completed SMP for free. Why free? Because we can’t begin to […]

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Marketing Resource Checklist


For Physical Therapy Private Practice Owners & Managers

If your a private practice owner or marketing manager, this checklist will help you evaluate the cost and selection of services you need to run your marketing operations.

The checklist breaks down your services into the 6 Essential marketing services proven most important for independent private practices:

  1. Strategic Marketing Plan
  2. Internal […]
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Strategic Marketing Plans For Physical Therapists & Fitness Providers


Your SMP is the first of the 6 Essentials. Whether you plan on handling all your marketing in-house or not, a PT Referral Machine Strategic Marketing Plan lays a solid foundation to work from. With the right plan,  local private practitioners can out-marketing their competition and enjoy strategic success.

Since all we […]

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