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We implement a complete system in your clinic that gives you more control over new patient acquisition, retention, and referrals.

If your current website, marketing, and advertising program doesn’t do that, then it’s not working right. We fix that.


The Only Complete Physical Therapy Marketing & Advertising Solution

The PT Referral Machine’s unique subscription-based system gives you everything you need to run your marketing operations like a Fortune 500 company, but on a small business budget. You even get a team of marketing professionals focused exclusively on physical therapy marketing trends. PT Referral Machine Senior Consultants see what works across a diverse set of subscribers and markets. Compete against physician and hospital owned physical therapy clinics with superior marketing and world-class strategic consulting.

The PT Referral Machine physical therapy marketing solution comes loaded with concepts for every conceivable marketing need.

All concepts are edited, and branded for your clinics. We collaborate with our members to develop, refine, and test new concepts.


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A full service physical therapy marketing & advertising program with three different service levels to fit any practice from startup to growing chain.

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Leading a network of private practice therapy clinics, I speak with private practice owners every day. Finding results oriented marketing solutions, strategies, and information is high on their minds. We use PTRM for a Marketing Boot Camp series. They have a great process for breaking down private practice marketing to make it simple and easy to follow. The presentations are well organized, practical in nature and packed with information that has been tried and tested over hundreds of clinics for what works. As a PT what was important to me was that the senior consultants at PT Referral Machine “got” the value of physical therapy and knew how to help owners communicate that value. The benefit gained from implementing the concepts far outweighs the subscription cost.

Steve Allred, President, PREFERRED Therapy Providers, Inc.

I have 2 clinics in a very competitive market. After burning through 2 or 3 marketing managers, I stumbled upon the PT Referral Machine website. The Level 3 package offered everything I wanted, so I scheduled a free strategy session to check it out. The variety and selection of concepts was truly exciting – nothing I could have expected from my in-house marketing manager. So for about 25% of the marketing payroll costs I used to have, I’m getting everything handled. The content is crisp, and the graphic design is clean and fresh. I’m still in charge of my marketing with less time, less cost, and most importantly we get RESULTS. Stuff gets done and out the door. What a difference with PTRM!

Manvir S Purewal, PTManvir S Purewal, Physiotherapist and Founder, Pure Life Physiotherapy & Health Centre

I love my new website. I refer patients to it right here in the office for lots of the information I need to tell them about. I also like how easy PTRM made it for us to decide what to put on the site. They made the process really easy. The quality of what they do is so much better than what we had with our old website which never even got finished – believe me we tried. We have a beautiful new website they customized with a new logo and branding ready to go in 30 days. Now we get all our materials from PT Referral Machine. They have become our one-stop shop for everything marketing.

Edward T. Sall, MD, DDS, MBAEdward T. Sall, MD, DDS, MBA, Advanced ENT Physicians & Surgeons
Two of the first things PTRM implemented for us were the internal “kick-start” marketing program and a physician letter series.

We’ve tried a bunch of different things in the past, but nothing that produced results so quickly and easily. After starting the physician mailings, we noticed a steady increase in referrals each month.

The letters are written and customized for us, so all we need to do is proof them during our support calls. The writing quality is highly professional, hitting on clinical problems and the solutions we provide.

We could spend hours struggling to create our own letters, but there’s no way we could come close to the creativity of the PTRM concepts. They tie everything together with supporting content on the website, patient communications, and lots of other stuff we would never think of, let alone have the time or staff to handle it all.

As far as the internal marketing strategies, all I can tell you is that when patients start offering you $40 tips to show their appreciation, you know it’s gotta be working.

Karl Kleinpeter, DPT - PictureKarl Kleinpeter, PT, DPT, Kleinpeter Physical Therapy
PTRM has provided our small practice the services and expertise a large company would receive, their range of marketing services is wide, the concepts are cutting edge, and the blend of marketing expertise with creativity should be what they are best known for if it isn’t already. They make our practice look professional and the initiatives we have done with them over the years have been very effective.
Jon Dooley, Owner Greendale Physical Therapy, Worcester, MAJon Dooley, MSPT, Owner, Greendale Physical Therapy
I attended the free strategy session, and it was like taking a drink from a fire hose. I never would have dreamed someone could build an entire marketing system like this just for physical therapists, and implement it for me in less than 60 days. We ran our first consumer mailer and I was amazed when we had our best month ever. Thank you PT Referral Machine.

“When they say they actually run things for you they aren’t kidding.”

Franklin Rehab owners Scott and Sharon Cole“I’ve been running a PT practice for more than 25 years, and I’ve tried at least three different marketing companies. They all had ideas, materials, and seminars, but none of them actually rolled up their sleeves and took care of everything from day-to-day. What I like most about the PT Referral Machine is not the fact that they have more innovative content and strategies than anybody else we’ve worked with,  but that they actually make things happen. When they say they run things for you, they’re not kidding.  In my first 30 days as a client, they made my head spin; they customized my website and patient guides,  prepared a series of personalized patient and doctor letters , created radio ads in the studio, contacted our phone directory advertising rep, and did the media buying.  The PT Referral Machine team did more to actually get things done in just 30 days than all the other marketing companies ever did.  My last marketing company took almost three months just to create a new logo and letterhead. Since I had never before experienced what it’s actually like to have professional marketing executives looking after my business, I just didn’t know what I was missing.   I would tell any practice owner who was serious about getting results that the PT Referral Machine is the only results oriented solution.” – Scott Cole, Franklin Rehabilitation

I’ve been working with the PT Referral Machine for a few years now. Our business continues to grow, and the marketing plays a huge role. PTRM has really unique ideas that make new patient acquisition much easier.

Every month they show me my updated concepts along with new ones. I wish I could use them all, but I can’t keep up! I manage both our clinics and also treat, so knowing that all the marketing is handled makes my job easier. Before using PTRM, I had to do the marketing as well. I didn’t have the time, so I always put it off, and nothing got done.

After seeing their concepts on a strategy session, I knew right away that they had figured out a system for generating patients that I could put to use right away. It was on that session that for the first time since we opened our doors I literally stopped worrying about what to do for marketing.

The system has been so effective we are thinking about our plans for the next clinic. It’s been hard work, but I can tell you that the PTRM program has helped make it all possible.

If you’re looking for a solution to patient acquisition and growing your practice, you got to take a real close look at PTRM.

Richard Bouzaglou, Physiotherapist and Co-Founder, AMS Medical & Rehabilitation Centre
When we started working with PTRM 5+ years ago we had no ‘brand’ to speak of and limited materials to give to physicians and patients.

They helped us not only build a consistent look and feel that became our brand, but they helped us start to build our own content with brochures that we could offer our future patients.

One of our first successful campaigns involved a FREE ASTYM guide that we built into a successful radio promotion. I remember being pleasantly surprised as we sent out lots of free guides and scheduled many new patients.

If you are looking for lots of unique ideas and physical therapy content made into uniquely branded brochures for your practice, then they are the ones to help you get to the next level.

Mindi Irvine, PT, DPT, Owner, Oasis Physical Therapy
We grew out of our current space and have had to move to a new location. David Steinberg and Trent Wehrhahn deserve a nod for getting us this far.
Nick Matheson, One to One Wellness
I was banging my head against the wall with networking and another marketing company with zero results. With the PT Referral Machine we got immediate results. The people who responded to our campaign were even commenting on the clever mailings we did. What a difference when you experience results.
Linda S., Yoga To The 10th
David and his team really do help you create a great packaged product! As a new practice owner they helped to streamline the image that I wanted to portray. You can see the flow and consistent message from my glorious website ( to my full color 6 page brochure. I am confident that patients have more confidence in scheduling an appointment with me because of the products that David’s team has created!! Highly recommended!

P.S. When I came to PT Referral Machine my goal was to take my business from part-time to full-time in twelve months. We did it in just six months, and I’m convinced it would not have happened so quickly without the right marketing guidance.

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About & Contact

Picture of David Steinberg, Leading Physical Therapy Marketing Consultant

David Steinberg, MBA, Senior Consultant & Founder

In 2004 my team and I started helping independently owned physical therapy businesses compete against physician and hospital owned clinics. The lessons of those early one-on-one engagements became the inspiration for a systematized program to implement and support “Fortune 500-style” physical therapy marketing operations for any size clinic.

We began calling the solution The PT Referral Machine, and offered our services to non-competing clinics for a fixed monthly fee. Clients liked the “all you can eat” fixed price services buffet. Since they could call us anytime without worrying about additional fees, we became a natural extension of their clinics.

Many of these clients are still with us today, and right from the outset we promised to deliver them more value each and every month so that their investment in us would become one of their most valuable assets. If you’re looking to market a physical medicine, fitness, or wellness services business, we want to extend that same promise to you.

We encourage you to take advantage of the events so you can judge the value for yourself.

In the words of the old rock band Pink Floyd, Welcome To The Machine!


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