Essential 2: Point of Care Internal Clinic Marketing

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Included With All Plans – Internal Physical Therapy Marketing System

Service Plan Levels 1-3 include customized internal marketing programs designed to:

  • Increase booking rates.
  • Increase patient compliance and service utilization (SU).
  • Spur reactivation, and promote patient referrals.
  • Build new profit centers and cash pay business.

Point of Care Internal Marketing – The Foundation Of  Your Entire System

The best way to build out a complete system is to start with internal marketing.

To illustrate why internal marketing is the foundation of a complete system, consider your clinic’s website. Since many people like to scan or read about providers before choosing, they typically browse the web before booking. And since website visitors make a quick decision from your website, it works best when it is instantly evident why your clinic is any better or different. Otherwise, they may click away and visit 2-3 other websites before booking.

To prevent that from happening, you need more than a slick page design. You also need appealing content featuring a good patient experience. The most appealing content for connecting with patients comes from your internal marketing programs.

If the reality of your internal clinic experience is average or poor, then your content and user experience will be as well.

That’s why PTRM works closely with you to build an internal marketing foundation that makes it infinitely easier to attract more patients.

Internal Physical Therapy Marketing: Faster, More Affordable, And Easy To Implement

Unlike external marketing (advertising, direct mail, etc.), internal marketing does not require a large budget. In addition, clinics get results faster. Why? Unless you’re a new clinic, you and your staff communicate daily with new and existing patients. This means you can immediately implement marketing strategies to improve the patient experience, increase compliance, and spur additional service utilization.