Physical Therapy Marketing Video – PTRM Preview

Physical Therapy Marketing Video:
See how PTRM systematically helps you market your clinic specialties.

In health care, marketing’s job is to help facilitate a decision about diagnosis and treatment options. If you’re a physical therapist, that means it’s your responsibility to set up your marketing system to deliver helpful information about the benefits of care and provider selection.

To compete as an independent practitioner, it’s not enough to have a website with body parts to click on with exercise videos. Instead, you need to consider what patients really want to know along the journey of their care experience. Embracing that responsibility makes patient acquisition, retention, and referral growth infinitely easier.

The PT Referral Machine program provides the 6 Essentials required to make that happen.

Physical Therapy Marketing Video Introduces The 6 Essentials

image of a physical therapy clinic marketing plan

Essential 1: Strategic Planning

You can’t achieve your goals without a clear roadmap. That’s why you need a strategic plan. PTRM Strategic Plans outline your marketing objectives, strategies, tactics, and budget. PTRM plans help you focus on the most effective ways to grow your physical therapy practice. This means you avoid wasting time and money on things that don’t work. Each plan includes a customized strategy for your practice based on your market and competition.

image of a physical therapy front desk with displays

Essential 2: Point of Care Internal Clinic Marketing

A strong internal point of care marketing system will increase patient compliance, spur reactivations, and promote referrals. One of the best sources of new patients is your existing physical therapy patients. Since they already know and trust you, they can help spread the word about your services to their friends and family. In addition, when their positive feedback is shared with physicians, they encourage more professional referrals. That’s why you need an internal point of care marketing system.

At PT Referral Machine, we have proven internal point of care marketing programs that increase booking rates, plan of care compliance, service utilization, reactivations, direct-pay business, and referrals.

image of a physical therapy clinic website

Essential 3: Websites & Digital Marketing

Your physical therapy website is your online storefront. It’s where potential patients go to learn more about you and your services. It’s also where search engines go to rank you and direct traffic to you. That’s why you need a website that is not only attractive and informative, but also optimized for SEO and conversion. At PT Referral Machine, we have web design experts who can create a website that showcases your expertise, credibility, and personality. We also make sure your website is fast, mobile-friendly, secure, and easy to navigate.

image of physical therapy marketing postcards

Essential 4: Consumer Marketing

Sometimes you need to reach out to potential patients who are not aware of your practice or who are not referred by anyone. That’s where consumer marketing comes in. Physical therapy consumer marketing is the use of advertising channels such as social media, email, online ads, direct mail, radio, and TV. At PT Referral Machine, we have experienced advertising specialists who craft custom direct response campaigns, generate qualified leads, and test and measure the results of each campaign to ensure optimal return on investment.

image of physician completing a physical therapy referral request

Essential 5: Physician Marketing

Even though direct access is becoming more common, most physical therapy patients still rely on physician referrals to choose a physical therapist. That’s why you need to build strong physician marketing to educate them about the benefits of your services. At PT Referral Machine, we produce clinically relevant materials to showcase your programs and services. In addition, we have strategies for delivering these materials in a manner to build top-of-mind awareness.

image of a website and analysis data

Essential 6: A Team To Do It For You

Marketing can be overwhelming and time-consuming for busy physical therapists and their staff. That’s why you need a team of experts who can handle all the details for you. At PT Referral Machine, we have a dedicated project manager who works closely with you to coordinate all the aspects of your marketing system. We also have a team of designers, writers, developers, consultants, and specialists who can execute each element of your PT Referral Machine with excellence and professionalism.

image of a selection of printed marketing materials

Plus 1: Print & Direct Mail Services

You get more than just printing at competitive pricing when you use PT Referral Machine for your all of your referral pad, brochure, and marketing materials. In addition to the highest quality, you also get two value-added services:

  1. A physical therapy marketing expert advises you on your content, and
  2. Graphic design services to make sure your brochure and branding look professional.