Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas & Plan: Essential 1

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Proven Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas And Plans For Free, Really?

Do you have a written physical therapy marketing plan? If not, the PTRM free trial includes lots of physical therapy marketing ideas to get you started.

To begin, your free trial includes a PT Referral Machine Strategic Marketing Plan (SMP). Why free? Because your chance of success improves dramatically when we agree on the best plan for your clinic. That’s why we require your completed SMP before paid service begins.

For you, this means your customized marketing plan establishes clear guidelines for return on investment and lowers your marketing risk before you spend a dime.

In addition, since your SMP includes everything you need to out-market your competition, it helps us get results faster and increase your return on investment.

Our Easy To Follow 4-Step Planning Process

  1. Complete a clinic marketing survey.
  2. We gather information about your local market
  3. Collaboration with your team to determine the best strategic direction for your clinic
  4. We produce your Strategic Marketing Plan (SMP).