Essential 1: Physical Therapy Marketing Plan

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Proven Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas and Plans

Strategic Physical Therapy Marketing Plans Include:

Executive Summary

  • Market Overview
  • Market Potential
  • Market Share & Goals
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Service & Product Strategy

Marketing Strategy

  • Strategic Messaging & Content Plan
  • New Patient Acquisition Strategy
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Conversion Strategy
  • Growth Chart & Results Tracking

Media Mix, Channels, Budget

  • Detailed Marketing Budget
  • Internet & Social Media
  • Outbound Advertising & Direct Mail
  • Direct Consumer
  • Physician & Professional
  • Internal Marketing
  • Alliance & Co-op Programs

Your Success Starts With A Plan…

The PT Referral Machine Strategic Marketing Plan (SMP) is the first of the 6 Essentials. Whether you plan on handling all your marketing in-house or not, a PT Referral Machine SMP lays a solid foundation to work from. With the right plan, local private practitioners can out-marketing their competition and enjoy strategic success.
Since all we do is work with physical therapy private practitioners, fitness, and wellness service providers, your strategic marketing plan is based on experience with hundreds of locations of all sizes in a wide variety of markets.

Our Easy To Follow 4-Step Planning Process

  1. Complete a clinic marketing survey.
  2. We gather information about your local market
  3. Collaboration with your team to determine the best strategic direction for your clinic
  4. We produce your Strategic Marketing Plan (SMP).

Strategic Marketing Plans (SMP) are included with a free trial, all bundled service plans, or can be purchased separately.