What Physicians Won’t Tell You About The Marketing They DO Read

Most physicians will tell physical therapists that they don’t read their mailers or marketing. They’ll also tell them that even if they did, it wouldn’t influence their referral behavior. But we know this isn’t quite true. Some mailers get read, while others do not. Some campaigns spur referral behavior, while others do not.
If you want […]
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Marketing Resource Checklist


For Physical Therapy Private Practice Owners & Managers

If your a private practice owner or marketing manager, this checklist will help you evaluate the cost and selection of services you need to run your marketing operations.

The checklist breaks down your services into the 6 Essential marketing services proven most important for independent private practices:

  1. Strategic Marketing Plan
  2. Internal […]
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Simple Strategy Helps Change Referral Patterns


We say all the time that good healthcare marketing requires more educational content, and less of the brag-and-boast “we have great experience, get good results, and care about you” brand-building. Our subscribers seem to understand the difference, but understanding it and executing it as a marketing strategy are two entirely different things.

The big institutions and […]

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