An Insider’s View On Best Physical Therapy Brochures

Two types of PT brochures: One type gathers dust in your waiting room while the other makes the phone ring… Which one would you prefer?


Aside from the business card, clinic brochures are the most popular printed materials used by PTs. That’s because printed brochures are an affordable way to deliver information and present a professional brand image. In addition, the right PT brochure collection can be used for running patient acquisition campaigns like the example shown below.

But unfortunately, finding PT brochures that actually work well for patient acquisition isn’t easy. One reason for this may be that most PT brochure vendors are really print brokers and designers masquerading as strategic content marketers. As a result, thousands of clinics wind up with stacks of unused brochures that don’t do their job, which is to help acquire new patients!

However, with the right  brochure collection, you can build a powerful patient acquisition MACHINE. That’s why this article focuses on examples of content strategies, not design and layout tips. If you’re looking for design and layout tips, we recommend 10 Tips For Perfect Design or send us your questions – we’re here to help!

How to build the best physical therapy brochure collection for your clinic.

To Begin, think about content strategy first, design and cost last.

Most PTs will find this article while shopping for pre-designed brochure templates. Pre-designed templates make it easy to order quickly and move on. Check it off the list, DONE.

But if it’s time to order a brochure, it’s also a good time to rethink how it fits into your overall marketing system.

For example, if you use only one brochure for both patients and physicians, consider changing that to two brochures. By having a brochure for each audience, you can tell a different story to each. As a result, the brochures will speak to each audience in a more compelling way, thereby leading to increased engagement. Isn’t that the whole point of your brochure investment? If so, rather than water down your content strategy to purchase a “one size fits all” brochure, think about ways to build your brochure collection over time as part of a Strategic Marketing Plan (SMP).

Today’s post will use a consumer/patient brochure example. We’ll update this post with a physician example in the near future. Use the newsletter signup form at the bottom of the page if you want to receive it in your inbox.

Another important consideration is your advertising plans; do you want to feature your brochure in ads like the example shown below? If so, it’s best to create the brochure concept as part of the ad campaign.

Brochures With Two Purposes: Sales and Marketing

Brochures are important selling aids, but what if you could transform your brochures from sales assistants into marketing soldiers? Imagine having a digital and print army out there 24/7, armed with powerful brochures spurring new patient assessments.

To make that happen, your brochures need more than basic clinic information and a services list. Instead, the brochures should answer questions about diagnosis, treatment, and provider selection. For example, if your goal is to increase back pain assessments, which of the two brochures shown below do you think would work better, #1 or #2?

If you chose #2, you’re right. In ad campaigns featuring brochure #2, response rates are five times higher than brochure #1! Increasing response rates with improved advertising is the key to practice growth.

Read more about Practice Growth Step-By-Step.

Both brochures shown below have ordinary design, yet #2 outperforms #1 by at least 5-1. The critical difference is the content strategy. This shows how changing what you say and how you say it in your brochures can make a measurable difference in your results. For those that experience  better brochure performance, advertising becomes a practice-building necessity!  

Brochure Examples: #1 Underperformer | #2 Patient Generator

Brochure 1 – Underperforming Sales Tool

Physical Therapy Brochure - Cover

Many PT practices use brochures with content similar to this as a sales handout for consumers and physicians.

The front (pictured here), features the clinic logo, a picture of someone receiving treatment, the clinic name, contact information, and a tagline.

Inside (not pictured), it has a section with a brief clinic history, statement about “personalized” care, a list of services, and a map.

Content Strategy: “About Me.” As the name implies, the About Me strategy emphasizes information about your clinic. This type of brochure is usually purchased to sell clinic services, but in reality, most of them get used as new patient handouts. Compare the About Me content strategy here to the Patient Empowerment strategy in brochure #2 below. Also, when comparing, ask yourself which brochure has more power to spur response?

Brochure 2 – Strategic Marketing Tool

Physical Therapy Brochure - Sales Information

Rather than focus on “About Me” information like brochure #1, the objective of this brochure is two-fold: 1) Empower the patient and make them feel more in control of the healthcare decision, and 2) Separate the clinic from the competition in the minds of prospective patients and referral sources.

The front (pictured here), features a powerful Empowerment headline and sub-headline. It also has a picture of someone stretching, the clinic name, contact information, and a tagline.

Inside (not pictured), features a “Cliffs Notes” version of a PT Standards of Care for back pain using a special training and certification. In addition, it has a special panel with information to share with your doctor, a  back pain assessment checklist, and a physician Rx.

Content Strategy: “Patient Empowerment.” Focuses on empowering the patient with the healthcare descision. Shares knowledge in a consultative format. Makes the patient feel confident they have enough information to select the best provider. Positions your clinic as the Standard Bearer. The Standards raise important considerations for comparing and choosing a clinic. Also, the brochure positions the clinic as the obvious best CHOICE.

Turn Your Practice Into A PT Referral Machine With The Right Brochure & Marketing Strategy

After comparing the two content strategies above, it’s time to look at how to use it in a patient acquisition campaign.

Even though the two brochures look very similar, clearly, what they say and how they say it are very different. As explained above, brochure #1 uses an underperforming About Me sales strategy. By contrast, brochure #2 uses a Patient Empowerment marketing strategy. The Patient Empowerment strategy engages a broader audience and spurs more response.

Ask yourself, before plunking down copayments for your spine care, which brochure would be more interesting to you? If you answered Brochure 2, you see how the content strategy can transform your brochures from a simple sales tool into a critical marketing asset. If you’re not seeing that yet, take a look at the ad concept below – does that help?

Brochures Can’t Do It Alone

Obviously, your brochures need some help getting in front of the right people in your market. This is where ads (like the postcard shown below) can help. In fact, the brochures make the ads (digital and print), work INFINITELY better. Here’s an example:

Postcard Ad Front

Postcard offering a PT Brochure

Postcard Ad Back

Postcard back offering a PT Brochure

Good brochure strategy positions your sales and marketing for successful patient acquisition campaigns. That’s why if you’re interested in advertising, it pays to work on your brochures together with your ads. To learn more or get started with creating affordable ad solutions for your clinic, please visit these service pages:

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Physical Therapy Marketing Boot Camp

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