PT Practice Growth: Have the capacity to grow but just need the right strategy?

PT practice growth plans should be broken down into a step-by-step process. The process should show what needs to happen for your marketing system to increase new patient volume.

The PT Practice Growth Chart helps you see what needs to happen in your clinic in order to get maximum Return On Investment. See the flow chart below for a more complete explanation of how the PT Referral Machine process works to help you systematically grow your patient flow.

This worksheet allows you to focus on measurable objectives that lead to control over practice growth. To use the chart, look at each variable and set a realistic goal of improvement. As you work to achieve the goals, if the bottom line isn’t moving as planned, all you need to do is review the individual components of the growth formula to see what’s holding you back.

Subscribers will have this managed by their PTRM support team.

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