PT Practice Growth Strategy Step By Step

The numbers in the chart are for demonstration only.

Practice Growth Worksheet

Have the capacity to grow but just need the right PT practice growth strategy?

Break down what needs to happen step by step with your marketing and advertising in order to drive your patient flow.

The chart above helps you see what needs to happen in your clinic in order to leverage your marketing and advertising for maximum Return On Investment. Click the tabs to get a more complete explanation of how the PT Referral Machine process works to help you systematically grow your patient flow.

We find this growth worksheet very powerful. It allows us to collaborate with clients on specific and measurable objectives. Looking at each variable and setting a goal of 10-30% improvement is realistic, achievable, and manageable. Then, if the bottom line isn’t moving as planned, all we need to do is review the individual components of the growth formula.

Each tab below corresponds to one of the rows in the worksheet, and provides a brief explanation to help you follow the path to a 51% billing increase shown on the worksheet.

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