Increase Billings By At Least 15-20% With The Right Internal Marketing System – Guaranteed…

Internal Marketing For Physical Therapists – The Idea:

Bad Internal Marketing  = Practice Killer
Powerful Internal Marketing System = Revenue Generating Machine

Without a good internal marketing system, most independent private practitioners have little or no control over the new patient experience.

For example, before prospective patients know much about your clinic or how it may compare to another, they are routinely dumped onto hold and hammered with insurance questions. If that isn’t enough to encourage them to book someplace else, what happens when they arrive? More often than not, they’re greeted at the counter with a clipboard, and asked to fill out forms with all the information they already provided you on the phone.

And what about the waiting room? Typically, ugly signs about office policies dominate, and magazine racks are filled with dog-eared reading materials from 1986.

I know that description is a bit over the top and your practice is not that bad, but it paints a clear picture, don’t you think?

Why do most health care providers overlook the importance of managing the complete patient experience from the first contact through discharge?

Most practitioners have “learned” internal marketing from watching what other providers do. Those examples have probably followed an institutional health care business model; the focus is on claims processing, not the patient-client experience. We’ve all come to expect a more “institutional” experience, so it’s no wonder most independent private practitioners draw the conclusion that that’s how it should be done!

Independent private practitioners need to adopt a different model – a marketing model. When done right, internal marketing improves the entire patient experience and drives incremental revenue.

Set Up Your Internal Marketing System First And Watch Everything Else Fall Into Place

Not having an internal marketing system leads to:

  1. Lower conversion rates.
  2. Lower reactivation rates.
  3. Higher early discharge rates.
  4. Lower patient satisfaction scores.
  5. More complaints and negative feedback.
  6. Lower average revenue per patient-client.
  7. Advertising & Marketing Impotence

Exponential Growth For Your Practice: As an exercise, take the 7 problem points above, attach a value to each, add them up, and think about how much that’s worth… Then check out our Exponential Growth Chart.

The objective of your Internal Marketing SYSTEM is to take control over communication at all points of contact in your clinic.

Creating your Internal Marketing System using the PT Referral Machine process is easy. All you need to do is follow the steps.

If you want to proceed with the implementation of your internal marketing system, select the Internal Marketing Kickstart Package or contact us.

Internal Marketing Kickstart Program - What's Included

  • New Patient Email System & Database

  • Customized Patient Resource Kit

  • Waiting & Treatment Room Signage – Printing Included

  • Incoming Call Analysis, Tracking, & Recording – HIPAA Compliant

  • Customized Patient Mailers & Reactivation Materials – Printing Included

  • Patient Feedback & Review System

  • Incoming Call Workshop (Training Series)

  • Internal Marketing Training & Implementation Support