Physical Therapy Marketing Packages & Support

Physical Therapy Marketing Packages for Owners, Managers, & Staff: You do not need a subscription to purchase online marketing packages.

Each package covers a specific area of practice marketing so you can work on them one at a time. You can use your PTRM marketing package to get new ideas or refine what you already do. In addition, the entire series gives you a complete system for generating more patients. You’ll also receive consulting support included with each package.

If you prefer to have your website and other marketing needs handled for you, see our subscription plans and pricing page.

You can browse the selection of marketing packages below.

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Pick a business priority from one of the six package categories or subscribe to get a complete marketing system implemented and supported for you by PTRM.

E1Strategic Marketing Plan & Budget

E2Internal Marketing

E3Website and Internet

E4Consumer Marketing

E5Physician Marketing

E6Project Management

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