Physical Therapy Marketing Course – Complete Series


Physical Therapy Marketing Boot Camp – Complete Series

This is a live interactive online workshop series. The series includes five 60-90 minute sessions. After each session, attendees receive a copy of the recorded audio-video, session notes, and action items to work on in their practice between sessions.




Physical Therapy Marketing Courses – Boot Camp Series

This physical therapy marketing course Boot Camp series is for practice owners, marketing managers, and staff. While it teaches practitioners to think about their clinic marketing at an executive level, it also brings your entire team together on marketing. This leads to strategic thinking, shared vision, and sustainable practice development. The difference between this boot camp series and other PT marketing webinar courses is the emphasis on principled marketing leadership skills. For example, while other PT marketing courses focus on marketing activities (newsletters, web advertising, postcards, etc.), this course teaches you how to create an entire strategic messaging system. As a result, Boot Camp attendees learn how to take control over practice growth by becoming strategic marketers.

Each 90-minute session is a prerequisite to the next. In addition, sessions are scheduled about two weeks apart to allow enough time to do marketing task assignments.

Session 1: The Marketing Mindset In Today’s Healthcare Environment

No practice marketing leader can be successful without a clear picture of what works, what doesn’t, and why. That’s why we begin the series by drawing from real examples from our 15 years of physical therapy marketing experience. We use case studies to dispel the most common physical therapy marketing myths. This gets your entire team sharing the same healthcare marketing  philosophy.

Session 2: Building The Internal Marketing System

After checking your Marketing Mindset in session 1, it’s time for internal marketing. In addition to being the obvious place to start, internal marketing programs produce the quickest results. But perhaps even more importantly, internal marketing becomes the foundation of your entire system. In this session we break down your internal marketing by each point of contact in the clinic – from incoming phone calls to discharge, and everywhere in between. After completing this session, you’ll have a process for creating a patient-client experience that’s valued more than your competitor’s. Also, you’ll learn how to use marketing tools to communicate that value to each patient-client. This leads to increased compliance rates, increased service utilization, and higher referral rates.

Session 3: Managing Your Online Presence

The most common physical therapy marketing asset is the website. It’s also the most misunderstood and difficult to manage. This session lays out the most important considerations. These include content management, technical considerations, local search, social media, digital advertising strategies, and patient-client experience.

Session 4: Consumer Marketing & Direct Response

In session 4 we tackle new patient acquisition using direct response marketing. When done right, direct response marketing is an efficient and profitable way to acquire new patients. We’ll look at strategies used in provisional access states as well as direct access states. After session 4, you’ll have the knowledge required to test and project return on investment for each ad you send out.

Session 5: Physician Marketing, Influencing Referral Behavior, & Tying It All Together

In session 5  we review physician referral marketing strategies proven to influence referral behavior. Again, as in all the other sessions, we use real concepts and campaign examples. And finally we tie it all together with marketing templates, a Physical Therapy Marketing Resource Kit. and an additional 30-days of strategic consulting support.

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