Physical Therapy Marketing Assessment

Physical Therapy Marketing Assessment: Click the download link above to get started with your Strategic Marketing Plan (SMP).

Download and use our physical therapy marketing assessment on your own, or send it to us and get a completed SMP for free. Why free? Because we can’t begin to advise you on the best approach to your marketing unless we sketch out your plan first. In addition, until you see the plan, you can’t evaluate our program.

Practice growth is not an accident. It takes a plan.
It all starts with your Physical Therapy Marketing Assessment…

Physical Therapy Marketing Assessment - humorous illustration - PT Referral Machine We use your physical therapy marketing assessment to help discover your most powerful strategic communication options.

Think about your clinic assessment and our collaboration with you this way: Your product or service is on trial. Doctors and patients are the jury, and your PTRM marketing strategist is your attorney. The content and materials we are about to propose must all work together to convince the jury why they should choose you over one of your competitors.

That’s why it’s so important that you help us build your case. We can’t do it alone. We are not magicians, and we do not espouse marketing tricks or shortcuts. Instead, we follow principle-based marketing techniques.

Setting the right expectations for your marketing success begins with the prompt completion of your questionnaire.

First, you need an appetite to become better than the competition, and then be prepared to market and advertise your unique value so it becomes instantly evident to your target audience. We are ready to do plenty of the heavy lifting for you, but if you’re looking at us as the entire solution, we can’t help.

So, as you answer the questions in this assessment, please be as specific as possible. Feel free to attach as many notes as you need to fully describe your business and capture your thoughts. Don’t worry if you struggle with this (and we know you will)! The Physical Therapy Marketing Assessment is designed to make you think A LOT.

Be ready to step out of your comfort zone.

Physical Therapy Marketing Assessment - Step out of your comfort zone illustration

You SHOULD feel like you’re on trial and out of your comfort zone. You SHOULD feel like your business needs work. It always will. Marketing is like fitness. You have to start from  where you’re at, set realistic goals, and find the discipline to make it happen.

What to expect from us.

It’s our job to take your information and then ask more questions. It’s also our job to share our perspective on market opportunities that fit your unique personality and business goals. Most of all, we work the process to collaborate with you as a strategic partner.

We hope to earn your confidence and become your practice development tool, process facilitator, strategic advisor, and marketing fitness coach.

All that said, if you’re ready to see where this process can take you, let’s get started…

To your success!