Have the capacity to grow but just need more patients?

Focus on what needs to happen with your marketing and advertising in order to drive your patient flow.

The chart below helps you break down what needs to happen in your clinic in order to leverage your marketing and advertising for maximum Return On Investment. Click the tabs to get a more complete explanation of how the PT Referral Machine process works to help you systematically grow your patient flow.

We find this growth worksheet very powerful. It allows us to collaborate with clients on specific and measurable objectives. Looking at each variable and setting a goal of 10-30% improvement is realistic, achievable, and manageable. Then, if the bottom line isn’t moving as planned, all we need to do is review the individual components of the growth formula.

Each tab below corresponds to one of the rows in the worksheet, and provides a brief explanation to help you follow the path to a 51% billing increase shown on the worksheet.
Current Monthly Patient Flow: Tracking your marketing progress starts with gathering some basic information about your current “lead” activity. A new patient lead is anyone who contacts you that is not currently receiving care and asks about your services. For example, if your receive 100 calls a week and 60 ask about a first appointment or what services you provide, then we have 60 New Patient Leads. If 36 of those actually book an appointment, then we have a 60% booking rate as our starting point. See the row labeled Current Monthly Patient Flow. To measure this you will need to log calls.
Improve Advertising: Generating inquiries and booking are two separate functions. New patient inquiries come from your baseline market share (the business you do without any marketing or advertising plan), plus the results of your marketing and advertising. Use call logs and other tracking devices like special offers, tracking URLs, site analytics, tracking phone numbers, and other codes to help measure new patient inquiries from your marketing and advertising. The chart pictured below shows a 25% increase in inquiries – a reasonable and meaningful goal for most independent clinics looking for marketing leverage.

Improve Marketing Tools: New patient booking rates depend directly on your staff’s ability to “close” or convert the inquiries. For example, some clinics convert more patients than others; for every ten new patient inquiries, one clinic may book eight while another only three. We observe these differences between clinics every day, and that’s why we strongly recommend measuring conversion rates apart from new patient inquiries. A conversion improvement of 10%, as pictured in the chart, is a reasonable goal with a significant impact on the financials. Note: Your staff’s ability to convert is usually not a sales issue, and thinking of it as a sales problem may only lead to frustration. Low conversion rates are typically a symptom of a larger problem, like a broken Internal Marketing System.

Increase Compliance & Service Utilization: Increasing service utilization and visit compliance begins the moment each new patient books an appointment. When your communications are set up to educate patients on the benefits of care along with the other services they may want but not know about, increasing the average “spend” by 10% is easy to do.
Practice Growth Worksheet