Physical Therapy Marketing To Consumers – The Results Formula

Follow the results formula and get predictable, profitable results. The formula has four elements. In order to spur maximum response, each element has a critical communication mission as described below.

  1. Interrupt – Get the attention of your target audience. This is done with headlines, sub-headlines, graphics, and sounds.
  2. Engage – Keep their attention by promising more problem solving information ahead.
  3. Educate – Teach your target audience about the key features and benefits of your treatment option.
  4. Offer – Provide a low-risk way to learn more by taking an action. For example, download a free report or schedule a free consultation.

The formula flows the way people’s brains work. The main headline and graphic first, followed by a sub-headline or transition phrase, then the body copy, and finally, the offer.

Check out the example below and see if you can spot each element.

Physical Therapy Marketing to consumers - direct response sample
Physical Therapy Marketing to consumers - direct response sample

Because the formula looks so simple, many people try to run it on their own. But unless you have experience with it, you may overlook important “hot buttons,” and get disappointing results.

Regardless of the format you use (digital, print, or broadcast), the formula and flow are always the same.

With all that in mind, and before you spend a nickel, don’t just look at the formula, study it. In addition, use the postcard example as a flow template for your own concepts. Always position each element in the same order.

For most independent clinics, direct mail is an ideal choice. Campaigns can be affordably scaled, and are easy to track. Even more importantly, according to the marketing director at American Express, “Direct mail can be disruptive.”  When done right, I couldn’t agree more.

Direct mail is alive and well.