Patient Acquisition System Helps Independent PT Practitioners Control Growth 

Is your patient acquisition system strong enough to pull you out of a sales slump? If you answered yes, congratulations! You’re part of an elite group of independent practitioners who have already discovered how to control practice growth. If you answered no, we want you to know about our NEW PT Marketing Boot Camp. It’s not like any other practice marketing workshop, seminar, or training program.

Why is this patient acquisition program different?

While other marketing workshops in the PT industry still teach outdated sales and physician relationship-building techniques, this training takes your team through an entire physical therapy marketing system. For example, rather than teach you how to go call on doctors’ offices, this series teaches how to implement a marketing system designed to drive in new patients directly.

Boot Camp attendees learn the latest marketing strategies that work best for patient acquisition. In addition, they follow our proven process step-by-step. This leads to an exciting conclusion with a successful implementation.

Success Begins With Team Training

Success with patient acquisition requires a team. Each team member needs to know what the system is, how it works, and what role they play in running it. This includes executive leadership as well as each team member. Since this PT marketing Boot Camp series is designed for marketing leaders together with their staff, it’s an ideal way to get everyone on the same page. As a result, the series concludes with an exciting launch of a powerful patient-generating system.

This new series includes 5 online interactive sessions, video recordings, implementation support, and strategic consulting.

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