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Looking for physical therapy marketing ideas?

In addition to physical therapy marketing ideas proven to work, you also need results-oriented expert support to implement them. Obviously, that’s because the ideas are just the beginning. For success, above all, the ideas need to go from discussion to implementation. And above all, implementation works best following a proven system. That’s why we break down PT marketing into essential parts that can work on their own, or together as part of a complete system.

Even more importantly, when  you look closely at the independent practices that have control over growth, you’ll probably find that they have implemented several Essential components of a physical therapy marketing system:

1. Strategic Planning

2. Internal Marketing

3. Website & Internet

4. Consumer Marketing

5. Physician Marketing (not sales)

6. Experienced Marketing Staff

Get Six Essential Marketing Functions Handled For You & Watch Your Practice Grow

These six essentials are a big bite for most small practices, and that may be why independent owners usually nibble at the edges of each, and never really get their fill. Owners may hear plenty of exciting physical therapy marketing ideas, but don’t have the time, expertise, or resources to get them done. Instead, they choose a cheap website service, waste time on “free” social media strategies, run an occasional ad that gets disappointing results, and chase doctors for referrals.

As you can see, handling all the essentials on your own requires more than just ideas. It requires PT marketing expertise, experience, and a variety of resources. That’s quite a lot!  One option is a PTRM subscription.

PTRM Subscriptions – Complete PT Marketing Operations On A Small-Clinic Budget

Many PTs describe feeling overwhelmed by marketing challenges. Inevitably this leads to thinking about selling the practce to a larger chain. But most of the owners we talk to who were seduced by the idea of selling out come to regret the decision – they describe trading one kettle of frustration for another. For example, one practitioner we talked with described the relief and excitement of her deal. And then, after the honey moon phase, she quit the clinic – she found the loss of independence much worse than the stress of ownership.

Many of these owner/managers didn’t know about the PT Referral Machine (a/k/a PTRM). PTRM provides the marketing support of a big chain while leaving 100% control with the owner. The PT Referral Machine (PTRM) program was designed as an industry solution – the only one of it’s kind that we know of.  PTRM provides The Six Essentials on a subscription basis. We like to call it Fortune 500-Style Marketing For Physical Therapists On A Small Clinic Budget.

Big chain or small independent? Welcome to The Machine.

Try it free, for 30 days, and see what you think.

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