If you own or manage a physical therapy clinic and look after the marketing yourself, you know how much effort and money it takes to get anything done. That’s why most clinic owners lose enthusiasm and settle for just having a website, a brochure, and business cards. Enough,  job done.

It’s tempting to believe that just having some basic materials covers the marketing needs. Many owner-managers tend to feel satisfied with their marketing if the website and brochures look slick. But no matter how gorgeous the materials look, if they aren’t part of a more comprehensive physical therapy marketing plan, then they can’t work right.

Ultimately, Marketing’s job is to provide a communication system that generates new business. Good graphic design is certainly an important part of that, but it takes strategic content and a sensible marketing plan to make the materials actually work for you. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather have an ugly brochure that makes the phone ring than a gorgeous one that doesn’t. No reason you can’t have both (gorgeous and effective), but the point is that  if you had to pick one only, which would you choose, ugly-make-the-phone-ring or gorgeous-but-ineffective? Make-the-phone-ring content usually requires input from a proPhysical therapy marketing specialist diagramming six essentialsfessional with experience in direct response strategies to produce a consistent ROI. When you’ve found ’em, you’ll know it because they’ll make stuff happen! For those who want to see what that can be like, try working with the PT Referral Machine physical therapy marketing team on a 30 day free trial.

Finding A Professionally Managed Marketing Solution For Your Unique Physical Therapy Business…

Finding a marketing team with a track record for ROI results in physical therapy is key. Sure you can find website providers, consultants, and trainers, but try finding a physical therapy marketing company that has a complete marketing system ready to go for your clinic, that includes the support to do it all for you.

Why The Best Time To Find Your Way Is Now…

CompassAt some point every owner is faced with  a precipitous drop in patient bookings or a new competitor threatening to eat your lunch. That’s not the best time to try and find your way or discover you didn’t need to be fighting the marketing battle alone.  Without the right support, even a simple marketing problem can shift your focus away from other important business tasks for days or weeks, leading to more lost business and another poorly executed (and expensive) marketing decision. Many owners describe their bad marketing decisions as a repeating pattern that leads to more stress, weakening the practice – a downward spiral.

Your physical therapy marketing system should eliminate that downward spiral and provide a feeling of control. Imagine the confidence that comes with knowing you can generate business like a machine. Too many patients to handle? Turn the machine down. Not enough? Turn it up. Dial it in with the right marketing solution.

Watch the video: Six Essentials For Physical Therapy Marketing Success

Even if you have the money to hire a physical therapy marketing specialist on staff, chances are they will be overworked, undertrained, and dependent on outsourcing key services. Physical therapy marketing depends on six essentials, and finding a “six-tool” manager on an admin salary is just not going to happen. Many owner-managers recognize this and recast their marketing problem as a sales problem. Then they spend tens of thousands on sales training; the training is usually packaged as “practice building” to avoid calling it sales training. And if that doesn’t work (and it usually doesn’t), owner-managers draw the conclusion that marketing can’t work for them.
The right physical therapy sales and marketing solution will probably manage your marketing better than you, get you to market faster, produce results, and cost you a fraction of what you would spend struggling to handle it in-house.  

Thanks for reading, and please let us know how we can help.