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Essential 4: Consumer Marketing

Physical Therapy Consumer Marketing Using Direct Response

Physical therapy consumer marketing is essential for independent practice success. If you’re tired of depending on physicians for referrals, then it’s time to try direct response marketing. Independent practitioners can take control over new patient acquisition with direct response marketing. This means you can eliminate your dependence on physician referrals. Here’s how:

  • Select your treatment themes.
  • Select the formats for your message. For example, postcards, letters, or advertisements.
  • Next, PTRM customizes the messaging with your content and branding.
  • PTRM runs the campaign, spurring response from highly qualified leads.
  • When required, a physician marketing component completes treatment orders.
  • Most importantly, responses and conversions are tracked.

Here’s a few more articles with tips on direct response marketing for physical therapists.

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Essential 4: Physical Therapy Marketing To Consumers Using Direct Response

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