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Essential 3: Websites & Digital Marketing

Websites For Physical Therapists – 2 Options: Custom Website Or You Build It With Website Builder

Option 1 – Customized website. We customize your website using WordPress. WordPress offers an open platform supported by millions of developers. In addition, the platform provides design flexibility and access to thousands of “plugins” to enhance your visitors’ experience. WordPress also scales nicely with your business as it grows. But best of all, choosing the custom site option included with most plans takes the design, content, and site maintenance work off your plate.

Option 2 – Website Builder. Use our website builder. The website builder comes with 24/7 support and gives you total control over your site.

Not sure which option is right for you?

Compare Options: Custom Site & Website Builder

PTRM Custom Website

  • Ideal for busy practices requiring dynamic content, design flexibility, blog and social media integration, and scalability.
  • Responsive design optimizes viewing on all devices from large screen to small 4″ mobile.
  • Customized design, content, and site updates included with all PT Marketing Service Plans.
  • Professionally managed physical therapy website design, digital ads, and content.
  • Website content integrated with Internal Marketing System, Consumer, and Physician marketing programs.
  • Hundreds of optional features including Scheduling, Chat, WooCommerce Shopping and Event Management.
  • Portability. Purchase option builds value and allows you to move the site if you need to. The WordPress platform is supported by hundreds of thousands of developers and agencies all over the world.

PTRM Website Builder

  • Budget-friendly. Ideal for startups or sole practitioners. Business Plus starting at $19.00/month.
  • Choose from hundreds of gorgeous, professionally designed templates.
  • Intuitive, drag-and-drop editor requires no technical skills.
  • Mobile Site – automatically optimized for all devices.
  • Free hosting.
  • One-click social media manager.
  • Search Engine Optimization tool.
  • Discounts for other PTRM services and support.
  • 24/7 support included.

Physical therapy marketing – websites, digital ads, strategies, and concepts. PTRM creates campaigns and an income-generating web presence for your clinic.

Protect your investment: Upgrade to a PTRM Marketing Services Plan at any time, and get a new custom website along with credit for 1 year of Website Builder fees. A $228 value (the Business Plus plan)!

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