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Essential 6: Project Management

Marketing can be overwhelming and time-consuming for busy physical therapists and their staff. That’s why you need a team of experts who can handle all the details for you. At PT Referral Machine, we have a dedicated project manager who works closely with you to coordinate all the aspects of your marketing system. We also have a team of designers, writers, developers, consultants, and specialists who can execute each element of your PT Referral Machine with excellence and professionalism.

PTRM physical therapy marketing service plans include project management to make sure things get done. Rather than just give you access to our concepts and tools while leaving you with all the work, PTRM subscribers get project management including:

  • Work with you to create and maintain your strategic plan and marketing events calendar.
  • Customize all your selections and website content.
  • Build and maintain your content library.
  • Provide training and support for implementation.
  • Track and report results.

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Strategic Planning

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Internal Marketing

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Websites & Digital

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Consumer Marketing

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Physician Marketing

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Project Management

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Print Services


  • Sale!

    Physical Therapy Clinic Marketing Plans

    Original price was: $3,295.00.Current price is: $1,500.00.

    Physical Therapy Clinic Marketing Plans

    Marketing Plan For Physical Therapy Clinics: This purchase gets you started with your clinic's strategic physical therapy marketing plan (SMP). To learn more about the planning process before ordering, see the details below. Call (617) 766-1008, or email with any questions.

    What's Included With Physical Therapy Clinic Marketing Plans

    1. Local market and competitor analysis.
    2. Clinic marketing assessment and needs analysis.
    3. Patient acquisition strategy.
    4. Marketing and advertising plan.
    5. Marketing budget and Return on Investment projections.
    6. Implementation plan.
  • Physical Therapy Marketing Boot Camp - Complete Series This is a live interactive online workshop series. The series includes five 60-90 minute sessions. After each session, attendees receive a copy of the recorded audio-video, session notes, and action items to work on in their practice between sessions.    
  • Scroll down to see complete detail and compare subscriptions. Questions? Open the chat window at the bottom of your screen or call to  talk - (617) 766-1008. Sample Gallery - All Sites Receive Custom Design No payment is required until you approve the site design. To order your custom design, select the "Order Now Pay Later" option at checkout.  
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