According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for physical therapy and rehabilitation services is growing annually at double-digit rates. While total employment for the 10-year period 2010-2020 is projected to grow at 14%, physical therapy jobs will grow at 39%.

Some providers are keeping pace with the growing demand while others are not. If your numbers are down, the good news is that this can probably be fixed; and if your numbers are trending up, the time is ripe for using strategic marketing strategies to fuel expansion.

Even if your concerned about the impact of uncertainty in the industry such as the impact of emerging Accountable Care Organizations, a competitive marketing strategy for today will position your business well for whatever the future may bring. Well-run marketing operations provide your company with the most efficient tool to systematically educate consumers and referral sources about your special expertise.  That’s the thing about professionally managed marketing operations – since the purpose is to produce customers, the business value is fortified regardless of future trends.

Anchor8 Marketing Essentials For Physical Therapists

Today’s PT practice (or any healthcare provider) needs to consider 8 essentials to produce measurable ROI with their marketing budget:

  1. Competitive Intelligence
  2. Strategic and Tactical Marketing Plan
  3. Website with strategic content managed and optimized for local search
  4. Physican marketing materials
  5. Advertising Plan
  6. Graphic design and copywriting
  7. Referral Marketing System
  8. Professionally trained marketing support or staff

Most businesses use many different vendors for these services, and usually without a coordinated plan. In today’s world this old-school approach is way to expensive and too hard for most providers to manage. For a single location, using the old-school approach, just the marketing staff alone will be a budget-breaker. But what if you could get all 8 essentials for less than $1,000 a month, manage it in less than 2 hours a month, with a guaranteed ROI?

If that sounds impossible, schedule a live 60-minute webinar and see the strategies and systems that bring you Fortune 500-style marketing on a small business budget.

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