Why Attend A Physical Therapy Marketing Strategy Session?

Think about your marketing strategy this way: Your product or service is on trial. Doctors and patients are the jury and your marketing materials are your attorney. Your marketing materials must prove to the jury why they should choose you—or take the next action—and it’s a life-or-death sentence.

You need to organize the information in a way that helps build a case for your product or service, and then present it in a way that the jury will believe. Your marketing materials must present compelling evidence.

But if you look at most advertisements, websites, and marketing materials, they build no case at all. Instead, they mindlessly spout off in their advertising and other marketing materials the same old stuff that everyone else says.

In this session, we are trying to help you uncover your quantifiable competitive advantages so we can determine your best strategic opportunities.

A question to ask yourself before your strategy session, “If I could talk directly to patients and doctors, what kinds of things would they need to know and what evidence do I have that would help them make the best decision possible when considering treatment options? How do I make our strengths shine through? What selling points should I bring out?”

If you struggle with this question, don’t worry – we’ll help you on the strategy session.
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