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Physical Therapist Business Card

Most PTs give their physical therapist business card little thought. They’re small, and don’t need much thought, right? Name, email, phone, and you’re done? Well not so fast…

Because physical therapists hand out so many cards, it makes sense to think of them as part of a marketing system. And that means the decisions you make about what goes on your card can make a big difference.

Remember, patients may refer to your card many times. In addition, your cards get passed to friends and family for reference or referral. Referral sources will stock them (with your referral pads) in each exam room and hand them out.

That’s why your PT business card needs to portray a professional image and serve a practical function.

No need to cut corners with this important marketing tool when you purchase your cards from PTRM. Here’s a few basic tips to consider:


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